Aah also spelt
a, h
Aah (like "awe"), was an old god in charge of the moonyear (12x30 days). Besides meaning moon his name can be inter- preted as "collar", "em- brace" and "defender".
His duties were shadowy and he was seen as a moon crescent often with sun disk upon it (two pictures left). He followed mainly Thot and Khons, but also others. Rarely he was upon the head of a sitting Osiris with whom he was known in texts as Osiris-Aah. He could be seen as Thoth-Aah with a crescent upon a pedestal standing in a boat. He took part in "The Book of the Dead" where he was quoted in a prayer presenting himself saying: "I am the moon-god Aah, the dweller among the gods".
His most famous roll was in Eyptian mythology was a tale where he gambled with Thoth and made him help the couple Nut and Geb to raise a family.
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