Aken was from Letopolis, capital of pro- vince number two in Lower Egypt.
During the night he was the ferryman on the boat of Re called Meseket and took the newly dead over the river to the land beyond called Amenty and ”the land in the West” among other names.
Aken also called
He was mostly seen as a man with the head of a ram. He stood by the steering oar and took care of this very last and most important journey for the Egyptians. He was also called Kherty (Cherty), meaning "the one who is subservient" (to Osiris) the god of the Dead, who let the persons pass along to the next life after being trailed in the Court of the Under- world. In picture left the deceased stands at the front in a white dress praying to get ashore at the best part of the next life. The options were two and could be the general area called Duat for ordinary people, and not so good to come to, or Aaru which was more hospitable and reserved for those who had been extra good to the gods during their life on Earth.
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