Ammut Also
Amemait, Ammam
Ammut was an ugly female demon from the Underworld and she took care of pun- ishment of sinners. She had a crocodile's head, a lion's mane, the front body was of a leopard and her rear of a hippopotamus. All of them were dangerous animals to people and feared by the Egyptians in all times. Ammut sat at the Osiris Court in the Underworld where the heart of the deceased was put on the scales against the feather of Ma'at. If it was heavy by sins, Ammut would swallow it at once and the soul became restless forever and this was called: "to die a second time". Thus one of her names was "The Devourer". She did not have a cult of her own since she was a monster that people should fear if their deeds during life hadn't been by the rules of Maat - honest, fair and truthful.
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