Amsit in Egyptian also
Imsety, Mestha
Amsit was a member of the quartet "The Four Sons of Horus" who pro- tected all the entrails which were stored in canopy jars after the dead had been mummified.
His brothers were: Hapy, Duamen- tef and Qebehsennuf, and the liver from the dead person was taken under the protectin of Amsit.
The jars were gradually improved and at the beginning of the New Kingdom the jars which originally were made of clay with simple stoppers of mud, became artful sculp- tures of stone showing the protectors them- selves on the lid where craftsmen sculptured out the image of the god's head on top (picture left). Amsit was depicted as a mummy with the head of a bearded man (left bottom and right top). He was under constant protection of Isis.
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