Anat also
Anant, Anit,
Anti, Antit

Anat seen as the
goddess of war
Anat (Greek form: Anaitis), goddess from the old no- mad society taking care of fertility, hunting, sexuality, and war. She came from the coast town Ugarit just north of today's Lebanon and was imported to Egypt in the late Middle Kingdom just before the Hyksos per- iod and became the wife of the Egyptian god Anedjti.
From dynasty 17 she was adopted as a member of the Theban pantheon but old Egyptian deities like Hathor and Nephthys put her in the shadows. Her cult centre into Christian times was in Busiris, capital of province 9 of Lower Egypt. with a peek during dynasty 19 when Ramesses II made her his personal guardian in battle. On her head she could wear a stylised cow's uterus (left) or the white Atef-crown.
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