Anedjti In Egyptian also
Andjety, Anezti
The history of Anedjti goes back to the nomad times. He was pa- tron of domesticated animals and possibly a forerunner to Osiris. He was from province nine of Lower Egypt where his cult centre was in its capital Busiris (Anedjt). His regalia was: shepherd's crook and flail. On his head was a stylistic cow's uterus (left). He was known already in the pyramid text from dynasty four representing the eastern provinces. In the New Kingdom he w connected to Osiris. He sometimes was seen as Anedjti-Osiris with a white crown or feathers plus the regalia - flail, crook and staff (right). In this fashion he dwelt in the Underworld and was responsible for the rebirth of the dead individuals in their afterlife. Later he joined the family of Re as a member of the "ennead" of nine gods. His wife and female counterpart: goddess Anat.        Main text