Anhur in Egyptian also
Anhur (Greek: Onouris) "Sky Bearer", a solar god from the Abydos area, and the city of Sebennytos. He was another form of Horus the Elder (Heru) but was also worshipped in conjunction with Shu, known as Anhur-Shu. He was the violent side of Re called "Kil- ler of the Enemies" and as such depicted with his arm raised. Sometimes he was in Re's solar-bark with a lance in his hand. He also stood for creative powers and was pro- tector also against pests. His mother was Heret (a form of Hathor) and his wife Mehit. Anhur was a basically benign god, warlike in order to be helpful. He was widely popular during the New Kingdom and thereafter in Abydos in the south.
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