Antaios In Egyptian:
Right: depiction from dynsty 0 with two falcons
Antaios was the Greek name of the old Egyptian god Antwey of obscure origin. He was in the oldest times depicted as two falcons and possibly rare royal marks from before dynasty one (picture above right).
Province number five in Upper Egypt had during the whole history as its symbol two falcons like the ones above left, though sitting beside each other, which was the normal Egyptian form of depiction.
The location north of today's Quift (Greek: Koptos), is where the earliest Egyptian history is thought to have emerged.

Antaios seen
as a falcon
He was a mixture of Horus and Set and the Greeks called this form - Anataios.
Old Greek myths told that he was king of Libya and that he was slain by Heracles (Her- cules) who was, in one tale, connected to Egypt.
Antaios was thought to be an aspect of Horus as a single falcon since the old Egyptian deity had split himself in half around the advent of the New Kingdom. Horus was a very popular god among the Greeks, and their temple to him in Edfu still stands.
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