Anti In Greek:
 Anti in his bark on the Nile

Anti was a local god from the regions of Middle Egypt. He was worshipped on the east bank of the Nile especially in the old culture area of Badari and was possibly an old patron there since long before written records. Exactly what his line of duty was then is not known, but a fair guess is that his was a guardian of some sort.
His image was a falcon sitting in a boat.
The Greek called him Antaeus and the
place of his cult centre, today's Qau, was the town having his name in their own form - Antaeopolis.
The oldest written records with Anti's name mentioned is from a Badari tomb from the second dynasty where a ewer made of copper was inscribed with the title: "priest of Anti-Hotep". (Illustration published by Brunton 1927).
This shows that he was by then a well established deity with a cult and priest of his own, a cult to be continued du- ring all Egyptian history in Per Nemty, (capital of province 12 in Upper Egypt), where he had a temple.
In later times (Middle Kingdom and on- wards) he had colleagues among the national gods who were depicted in a similar way as he, like Re and Nemty.
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