Apep In Greek:
 Sun god Re (as a cat) slays the serpent Apophis Sun god Re (as a cat) slaying the serpent
of darkness - Apep, with a bucher's knife.

The gigantic serpent Apep was the symbol of all devilries that fought the sun god Re every day and tried to stop his journey in the sky. He dwelt in the cosmological waters chaos or was hiding (in a symbolical way) below the surface of the river Nile. On cloudy days the Egyptians were afraid
that Apep could win and therefor made extra off- erings to all their gods.
Texts describing rituals how to overthrow Apep have been found and eve- ryone took part in the chase, even the wicked god Set who was seen depicted when spearing him from Re's solar boat when he was jumping up from the water.
Though he was defeated every day he rose in the morning in strength, ready to fight again, and the struggle kept on forever.
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