HaŠp also Hap,
Hep, Epi
Apis (in Greek) was the old bull god of Memphis and his cult was integrated with the well known triad of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. One bull was chosen from marks on its body and theologically he was considered to have been born by a virgin cow impregnated by the local creator god Ptah. The animal was well fed and all measures were taken for its well-being. When Apis was well the live stock of the country was thought to be the same.
After 25 years of care it was ritually slaughtered by drowning and the search for a new one be- gan. Parts of the bull were then eaten in a sac- ramental meal and the rest of the body was em- balmed. Worshipping bulls is known since cattle breeding began in around 7000 B.C. and was with time spread over the whole eastern Med- iterranean region.  See also the bull Buchis
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