The god Banebdjedet meant "Spiritual Lord (Ba) of Djedet", the cap- ital of nome number 16 in the Delta, called Men- des in Greek. He stood for the combined spirits of the four mayor gods Atum-Re, Shu, Geb and Osiris and was vene- rated as a ram (see above right) and depicted in a rather bizarre way as a man with a ram's head for each of the divinities he represented (picture left). He was known already in the Old Kingdom and his main duty was to protect his home town (note his big sword-like daggers).
His fame reached its peek in dynasty 29 when a royal summer residence in town put glory to his name and his cult lasted through the Greek period. His wife and colleague was the local fish goddess Hat-Mehit and their son was Har- pakhrad, also considered to be the son of Isis.
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