Bes in Egyptian also
The dwarf Bes was a demigod from Babylonia and was imported to Egypt during the 18th dynasty (1550-1300 BC.). From being a war god in his homeland in Egypt he became a protector against evil spirits and misfortune.
He was depicted in a sometimes androgyne way full face with a bearded large head, bow legs and sometimes a bushy tail. He scared off the de- structive powers and his tools to accomplish that were various musical instruments like rat- tles to make a din, swords and knives.
He aided Taueret as a midwife. When a child was born he would stay by the cradle and entertain it. As protector of the royal house, he became a very popular household deity for all Egyptians. He had a plumed crown and wore the skin of a lion or panther and was also the patron of fashion.
Sometimes he wore the mane of a lion and in a few remaining pictures he's looking a bit female possibly by the (probably misread) name Beset.
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