Wadjet also spelt
Uadjet, Wazit,
Ua Zit
Wadjet (Greek: Buto or Edjo) was one of Egypt's oldest goddesses. She was the ser- pent mother who protected Lower Egypt (the delta in the north) and had possibly once come from a small location to the south of Tanis. Every new kings had to claim the throne from her at their cor- onation. She was associated with Hathor and had a minor roll in the Osiris myth and cult. The cobra was the sym- bol of Lower Egypt and she was sometimes seen with her Upper Egyptian counterpart, her sister the vulture goddess Nekhbet ("she from Nekheb"), the pair thus represented the two united states. She could also be seen as a cobra with the red crown or the sun disc upon her head and some- times she was given wings.        Main text.