Ernutet also
Ernutet (Greek: Termouthis) was a goddess from the Faiyum area in northern Upper Egypt and was very important as the patroness of the harvest. She was called "Lady of the fertile land and full granaries" as she was watching over production and storing of grain. She also looked after good fertility among humans and animals and was the goddess of linen and good fortune. She also protected children and gave them nourishment and their destiny.
Upon her head was often seen a cobra and she had a daughter: Nepri, who was the goddess of grain. At Osiris' court she sometimes attended the weighing of the hearts of the dead. She had a temple in Medinet Madi (the Faiyum) built in dynasty XII. In Greco-Roman times she was often seen as Isis* with a snake's head, or a snake with a woman's head. Her usband was a coll- egue from the Faiyum, the crocodile god Sobek.
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