The Family Tree of the Egyptian Gods
Relationship between the gods differs a lot from areas and in time.
Some had children with their siblings and parents.
This is a very breef description.

By tradition the first family was:

and their children:
1 - Osiris. 2 - Horus (the Elder). 3 - Set. 4 - Isis. 5 - Nephtys.
Osiris' children with Isis: Horus, Anubis.
Thoth and MaŠt (dgtr of Re) had 8 children incl. Amon.
Ptah and Sekhmet had Nefertem. Khum had the wives Atet and Satet.
Mut and Amon-Re had Khons. Re had Shu, Tefnut and Hathor.