Harpakhrad, also Heru-Pa-Khret (in Greek: Harpokrates) meant "Horus the child" and he was often seen as a naked infant or a baby sitting in the lap and suckling his mother Isis.
He represented the sun which was new-born in the morning. In Men- des, the capital of province #16 of Lower Egypt, he was the son of the town protector Banebdjedet and the local fish goddess Hat-Mehit.
Another depiction shows him as an infant boy with big, innocent eyes, engaged in sucking his finger (in both pictures). He had many names and shapes in the more than forty provinces where he ap- peared in many local forms. He had a shaved head with a big lock of hair hanging down from the right side. The Greeks considered him the god of secrecy and discretion, misinterpreting the gesture of his finger as meaning: keep quiet!
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