Hathor in Egyptian also
Het, Hert, Heret
The cow goddess Hathor (in Greek: Athyr) was an old protector of music, dancing and love. She stood for fer- tilty and motherhood and was the wife of the bull Buchis of Armant. As such her popularity was unbroken during the whole Egyptian history. She and Horus protected the royal couple and she attended at the arrival of the dead king into the next world. She was also seen as Heret - a woman's head (inserted left) with a cow's ears. In the Old Kingdom the pharaohs were often depictd with Hathor at their side. Combined with Isis as Isis-Hathor (left) she had her musical instrument - a sistrum rattle, upon her head. Originally she was from Byblos i Syria and was taken to Egypt early, probably before dynasty 1.
A still standing Greco-Roman temple of hers can be seen at Dendera in Upper Egypt.     Main text.