Nile perch
Hatmehit was an unu- sual goddess and the foremost of the very few taking care of the rare cult of fish.
Her name indicates a connection to Hathor (Hat) and Mehit means "great flood". Her home town was Mendes, the capital of nome 16 in Lower Egypt. She was de- picted as just a fish or a woman with a fish or crown above her head. She was known as "she who is in front of all the fish" indicating origin back in the mythological start when Egypt arose out of the water Nun. Fish cults were unusual in Egypt but in Esna was an old sanctuary to the big Nile perch. This free supply of protein from the Nile was not disturbed by the fluctuating cli- mate (floods) like cattle breeding and agricul- ture was. Her husband was Banebdjedet and their son was Harpakhrad. Among her abilities she also stood for life and protection.
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