Frog goddess Heket lifts her arm to protect all women at childbirth and sends bless-
ings to their homes.
Heket in Egyptian also
Heqet, Hek
The goddess Heket was known already during the pyramid era in magical texts. With time she was connected to growth, and fertility in general as frogs were, due to the fact that they produced hundreds of eggs and tadpoles. She also stood for eternity and her amulets protected all women when they gave birth. Magical knives had her image to protect the homes. She was the wife of Heh and gave all creatures the breath of life before they were placed to grow in their mother's womb.
She helped Osiris to rise from the dead and was concidered a form of Hathor and called the mother of Horus the Elder. The centre of her cult was in the old towns Qus (Parva) and Gesy in nome five of Upper Egypt.   Main text.