Herishef in Greek:
Herishef was a local deity of fertility from the old town of Henen-Nesut (in Greek: Herakleopolis), the capital of province #20 in Upper Egypt. He was known from the first dynasty around 3.000 BC. and then he possibly was a god of creation. His name means "he who is upon his lake" and this might indicate that he once came from the nearby Faiyum lake basin. In historic times he was a man with the head of a ram with the sun disc on his head, or wearing the Atef crown like Osiris (left). In periods he was associated with Re. His temple from 2.100 BC, was enlarged during dynasties 18-19 when he was thought to be an aspect of Horus and Amon. At the site has been found a statuette of him made of solid gold (above right). Rams were important to maintain the stock of sheep for milk, meat and wool. Shrines for worshipping rams were also located in Mendes and Thebes.       Main text