Heka in Egyptian also
Heka stood for all magic, superna- tural powers and miracles and was patron of wizards and physicians.
He assisted Re on his daily journey across the sky by keeping monsters away who wanted to stop his boat from getting forward to the sunset.
Commoners turned their prayers to him to fix their problems when other gods had failed. Physicians were un- der his spell and they were called "priests of Heka". His regalia was two snakes and these animals are mentioned in the Bible as used by Egyptian wizards at the court of the pharaoh. Even today the symbol of medi- cine is a snake. Heka was son of the war god- dess Menhit and the creator god Khnum and these three formed the triad of Latopolis (Esna) in Upper Egypt. He also had a temple in Helio- polis (a part of today's Cairo) where he was said to be son of the local creator god Atum.
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