Hor in Egyptian also
Har, Her, Heru
Horus (Greek name) was a sky and solar god from Upper Egypt which apeared long before the unifica- tion and was thus one of the old- est gods in the Nile Valley (se also Antewy). Early Egyptology thought he had come to Egypt through an invasion from the Red Sea area, with his supporters called the "Fol- lowers of Horus", but that theory is now abandoned.
He was during all times the per- sonal symbol of the pharaohs from Upper Egypt symbolizing protection and courage.
His elder name was Heru to be replaced by Hor. He originated lots of combined deities like Harpakh- rad, Har-Wer etc, which were spread nation wide.
He defeated all evilness in the world (symbolically) by fighting Set who had killed his father Osiris. His twin sister was Bast and his mother was Isis. As Re-Horakhte he was combined with Re. Today his tem- ple i Edfu is still standing.     Main text.