Hu and Sia Guardsmen on the
Solar Boat of Re
 The solar boat of Re with the crew aboard Re's solar boat with the crew: Horus the Elder,
Maat, Kheper, Re, Geb, Heka, Hu and Sia.

Hu was a minor (though important) god who ass- isted Re in fighting the evil spirits during his daily voyage over the sky in his solar boat (picture above). Hu was created by Re out of blood coming from his penis and was protector of divine utter- ance and voice of authority and command.
As such he saw that the kings' royal authority maintained in the Afterlife. He had no temples of his own, but had a cult at Giza where the great sphinx was recognized as his image.
Sia (or Saa) was the spokes- man and herald of Re and stood at the bow of his bark. He and Hu were the "Eyes of Horus". Sia stood for the mind of perceptive, divine touch, deep feeling, perception and also understanding, as Hu was the master of fine scant and relish. They both as pair were the tongue and heart of Ptah, marking the importance the Egyptians gave the arte- sians and craftsmen.
Sia had his name mentioned in the funeral manual "Book of the Dead" where some rit- uals were performed in his name. A special duty of Sia was to protect the private parts of the dead.
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