I   M   H   O   T   E   P
Imhotep in Greek Imouthes
Imhotep was a genius and unique human who became a true god after his death in about 2600 BC. As chief architect of king Djoser (dynasty 3) he created the first monumental building in history made of hewn stone: the step pyramid in Sakkara, which is still standing.
Few written records come from his own time and his background is obscue. Some say he was the son of Djoser. He was prime minister, chief physician, high priest, philosopher and poet.
He was worshipped for 2500 years as the god of medicine and the Greeks and Romans adopted his thoughts and spread it.
In divine aspect he was considered as first child of Ptah and Nut and brought to mankind the knowledge about healing through medicine.
He protected science and was depicted as man dressed in a simple way sitting with his studying material on his lap. His tomb has not yet (2008) been found, but it is likely to be in Sakkara.
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