Nefertem also
Tem, Item
Nefertem (the beauty of Tem) was another form of Re and symolised the rising sun. His parents were Ptah and Sekhmet. He could be seen as a mummy with arms and hands free, a cat or a lion. Other stories say he was the son of Bastet, or had no parents at all, but coming from a lotus flower. As a lion-headed man he was called "Restrainer of the Two Lands", and protector of Egypt. He was mostly seen as a man wearing a lotus-crown or a single lotus sometimes with two plumes. His staff could be seen top- ped with feathers. He was also patron of healing, beautification, perfumes and fine aroma. His cult was perform- ed in the homes where ordinary people worshiped him and carried small statuettes of him as good luck charms. With his parents he formed the so called "Triad of Heliopolis".
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