This rather obscure god is little known about. He was the main deity of the 10th nome ("Black Bull") and its capital Athribis in Lower Egypt. He was linked to the falcon, bull and crocodile and the first two were Horus and the nome bull god Kemour. His name in Greek was: Khentekhtai.
He was normally seen as a man with a falcon's head by the name "Horus-Khentekhtai" (in picture left) having horns within the sun atop of his head.
In his first depictions from the Middle Kingdom, he had a bull's head as "Osiris-Khentekhtai" wearing an Atef-crown with horns. Old texts indicate that he had a temple of his own during king Amenho- tep III of the 18th dynasty, likely in his home town which by tradition was linked to the crocodile.
He could also be depicted as a man with a croco- dile's head (like Sobek) and in hieroglyphic texts he was seen as just this animal, which might be his original form from way back, with deeds and duties now unknown.             Main text