Khnum also
Khnemu, Khem
Chnoumis   in Greek
Khnum was the old god of creation and came from the island of Elefantine at Aswan where he guarded the first cataract. His con- sort was Satet and their daughter: Anqet, making the "triad of Elefantine".
A legend tells he created mankind and all other liv- ing creatures, on his pott- er's wheel from mud from the Nile. He was popular nation wide from dynasty 3 and his cult also spread southwards. He was usually seen as a man with a ram's (rarely a lion's) head with a feathered (Atef) crown, horns and the sun disc, or just horns and a single feather. Besides Elefantine he also had a cult center in Esna.    Main text    Creation of man