Khons in Egyptian also
Khons was a local moon god from Thebes. He stood for healing and was popular from the New King- dom when he replaced Mentu as son of Amon and Mut and his name meant - pathfinder.
He appeared in seven forms and was associated with the two gods Re and Thoth. His image was of a young man in a mummy dress with his head shaven and wearing a false black children's hair-curl and sometimes also a beard. He carried a crook, flail and a thick staff (left) and could also be seen as the com- bination Khonsu-Re (right) with a falcon's head. The items upon his head was the moon crest like a boat with the red sun disc on top. He aided people in sickness and need and watched over night travellers. He protected people against wild animals and his sacred beast was the baboon.
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