Máahes (in Greek: Mihos, Miysis) was the son of Bast (Lower Egypt) and Sekhmet (Upper), and a god of war and protector of sacred places and the priests of Amon. He was lord of the horizon and manifested the heat of summer and fought all enemies of Egypt. He was also seen as one of Osiris' executioners in the Underworld.
He first appeared in the New Kingdom and had the title "Wielder of the Knife" (his weapon).
He was a lion-headed man sometimes with a sword and wearing the atef-crown with plumes.
Every day he helped Re in his solar bark in the sky to fight the monsters who obstructed their way. During military battles he was the protector of the pharaoh. His roots came from Leontopolis (Liontown), in nome 11 of Lower Egypt.
He also had a temple in Bubastis and during the Greco-Roman era he was also the god of storms and winds and protected all magical rituals. His cult was centred in Taremu and Per-Bast.
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