Menhit in Egyptian also
Menhit was a very old god- dess from Hierokonpolis con- nected to war. Seen in early dynastic sealings she was a lioness with three bent poles into her back. She possibly guarded the sacred places and was often depicted at the national shrine of Upper Egypt. Was close to Sekhmet in her looks and line of duty. Her name ment "slaughter- ess" and she had three hus- bands: Khnum, Mentu or Anhur and a son, Heka, and with Khnum they formed the "Triad of Latopo- lis" (Esna). In Heliopolis traditions said that Atum was the father of her son and Menhit herself was identified with Isis and also Neit, the latter being war goddess of Lower Egypt, whose red crown she sometimes wore (picture above).    Main text