Nehebkau was a serpent god who participated in the creation of the world where he swam around the solar bark of Re in the watery chaos. All Egyptians (dead and alive) were protected by him, especially from sickness through snake bites. Thus ordinary people used him in magic spells and had his festival in the fifth month, just when the cultivating of the soil had begun. His looks were of a snake with legs (picture right) sometimes with wings and two heads, or a man with a snake's head and Atef-crown (left). His name meant "He Who Unites the Kas" and he put together the double (Ka) from the dead with those of animals, plants and even stones to a multi-natural form. He had no official cult but was mentioned in "The Book of the Dead" and could be seen holding containers, making food offerings to the deceased. From the very start he was connected to Re.
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