Nekhbet was the very old patroness of Up- per Egypt from the era before the unifi- cation and dynasty 1.
She was personified by a vulture and was the town-god of Nekhen opposite the Nile at Hierakonpolis. She was protecting the kings and was sometimes called "the daughter of the sun" without being involved in the sun cult. Later taken into the Osiris myth she was present at the water of chaos before creation, and became a deity over nature and protector of women at childbirth.
She was depicted as a woman (or a vulture) wearing the white crown and sometimes she had a vulture's head. She was often seen with the cobra goddess Wadjet, her sister and count- erpart from Lower Egypt. Her husband was Hapi, her plant was a water lily (symbol of Upper Egypt) and her name meant: "she from Nekheb".
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