The ferryman Nemty makes a big mistake and takes Isis (after being paid a lot) over the river in his boat to the "Island in the Middle".
The cargo visible stored (hidden) under the vessel might be the food she said she should deliver to a young herdsman working there.
Nemty ("He who makes travels") came from province nr 12 in Upper Egypt and was the ferryman who carried the gods over the river to the life beyond. He was assimilated with Horus and was depicted as a falcon-headed man in a boat (left). In a tale Re-Horakhte told him not to ferry any woman resembling Isis over to "The Island in the Middle" where some gods had an important meeting. Isis came disguised as an old woman and asked to be carried across to bring a bowl of por- ridge to a young herdsman, but Nemty re- fused even after being offered a free meal.
But when he got a golden ring he took her across. Isis then disturbed the convention by using witchcraft and din and the gods pun- ished Nemty for his disobedience by cutting off all his toes. His name appears in a few royal names and best known is Merenre I Nemtyemsaf, a pharaoh from dynasty six.
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