The Ogdoad Eight gods from Hermopolis
This was group of gods from the Upper Egyptian town of Khemenu (Hermopolis) capital of nome number 15 ("The Hare") in Middle Egypt. Thoth was the local main god who was considered to be the inspierer to the creation of the world. The first gods he made were the eight reptiles of the Ogdoad (Greek for a "group of eight") and they provided the elements which made life on earth possible. They were:

Nun and Nunet  snakesstood forwater
Heh and Hauhet  snakesstood forinfinite time
Kek and Keket  frogsstood fordarkness
Niau and Niaut   frogsstood forvoid

During the New Kingdom gods from Upper Egypt came into fame and thus the creator god Thoth was replaced (on a national level) by Atum-Re and Niau and Niaut by Amon and his otherwise seldom mentioned wife Amonet.
The gods of the Ogdoad were mostly seen as humans with their animals' heads, or just depicted as snakes and frogs.
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