Pakhet also spelt
Pahket had features from the lioness Sekhmet (mainly) and the northern cat Bast and had borrowed carateristics from both theese cats. Her cult centre and rock cut temple at Beni Hasan where tombs with mummified cats have been found. She was also called Hor-Pakhet was connected to Horus. She first came to be during the Middle Kingdom.
Also identified with forms of Isis and Hathor. Looks: a woman with the head of a lioness (or cat), easily to be mixed up with her elder "sis- ters". Her name meant "tearer" and "she who snatches" and one title she had was 'Goddess at the Mouth of the Wadi". She was thought to give inner strength to people, especially to women. Was called "night huntress with sharp claws" and "Lady of Sept (the Sirius star)". She ca be discribed as form of the fire-goddess Sekhmet, and called upon to protect against all evil spirits and to destroy the enemies of Egypt.
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