Ptah in Greek:
Ptah was the old creator god from the Memphis region, and probably a conflation of two very old deiti- es: Tatenen and Sokar.
He was called "The First of Gods" and was the patron of all crafts- men especially the smiths. Among some other gods he was creator of mankind, and could create life by just using words. He stood for good moral and order based upon the four Djed-pillars of stability, seen in the upper part of his staff.
His temple in Memphis was called the "Mansion of the soul of Ptah", which in Egyptian was Hekuptah, later to be corrupted by foreigners to "Egypt".
In Heliopolis he was forming a "triad" with his wife Sekhmet and their son Nefertem. He was said to have created Atum, and shus was re- sponsible for creation of the World.    Main text.