Re-Harmakhis   in Greek
Re-Horakhte (also Re-Harakhte) "Re-Horus at the horizon" was a combination of the sun god Re from Lower Egypt and Horakhty who was an aspect of the falcon god Horus from Upper Egypt.
Besides his fancy Atef crown, he could wear the sun disk upon his head and he first turned up in the New Kingdom at Heliopolis as the "Sun at the horizon in the morning", like the goddess Am- entet in the evening, with whom he made a pair.
He was very popular during dynasties 18-20, and almost all pharaohs buried in the Valley of Kings at Thebes are depicted paying truibute to him.
Rameses II's famous temple at Abu Simbel was dedicated to him (and two other gods). His "second" wife was the lion-goddess Urthekau.      Main text.