Sekhmet (in Greek: Sachmis) was the popular fire-goddess, daughter of Re and associated with plagues and famines. Her husband was the old Ptah of Memphis and her popularity was parallel to his, that is - through all the 3000-years of Egyptian history.
In some places she was considered to have healing functions. She and Hathor once almost wiped out all humanity when Re told her to punish all those who had forgotten him. She was shown as a woman with a head of a lioness and sometimes with the sun disc and/or a cobra on top of her head. Herself, her husband and son Nefertem* formed the "Triad of Heliopolis". She had the power to destroy Egypt's enemies, killing them with the rays of the sun. She was was ori- ginally the warrior goddess from Uppe Egypt be- fore getting along with Re.          Main text.