Shesmu also spelt
Sesmu, Shezmu
 Shesmu standing in his boat
Shesmu in his boat with a
cobra and two stars on top.
Shesmu was a god & demon from the underworld who beheaded sinners by orders from Osiris. He was the patron of perfumed oils for beauty and embalming and also of wine making. Known from pyramid texts and in "The Book of the Dead" he was called "The Lord of the Blood". Shown when giving wine to a thirsty man and throwing the sinners' heads into the wine press. With time his good sides came more in the foreground and he was said to be the deliverer of perfumed oil to Re. His cult was old and strong in the Faiyum, Dendera and Edfu.
He could be a man (left) sometimes with a lion's head or just a falcon. Linked with the setting (red) sun, the evil snake Apep and the good gods Nefertem (perfume) and Thoth (wisdom). His blood (symbolically red wine) gave pharaoh his strength.
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