Sokar in Greek:
Sokar (or Seker) was an old god from before the dynastic times who originally was the protector of tombs in Memphis and later also patron of the workers who built the tombs and made ob- jects for mummifications.
With time he was taken into the cult of his local colleague Ptah and was then said to have em- erged from the heart of his div- ine creation.
Later he also was a manifest- ation of the resurrected Osiris in an annual festival at Thebes and was given a mummy dress (at right) and joined the triad - Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. On very rare occa- sions he could be seen as a dwarf with a big head. His animal was the falcon and he was usually depicted as a man with a falcon's head, the white crown of Upper Egypt with plumes and the Atef-crown (pictures).      Main text.