Sopdet in Greek:
The goddess Sopdet person- ified the Dogstar (today called Sirius) whose first appearance over the north horizon ann- ounced the advent of the ann- ual flooding of the Nile and the New Year.
In the First Dynasty she was thus called in texts: "The bring- er of the New Year and inunda- tion".
Pyramid texts say that the king united with his sister Sopdet who gave birth to the morning star and guided him to the "Celestial Field of Rushes" (next life). She could be a cow or wearing the white crown with horns (like Satet) with a star atop. In the New Kingdom she was connected to fertility and identified with Isis. Her festival was in late July and her cult centre (together with her husband Sopdu) was held in Kesem, the capital of pro- vince 20 of Lower Egypt.       Main text.