The god Sopdu (also spelt Soped, Sopedu) came from province twenty in eastern Lower Egypt called "The East" where the capital held his name - Per-Sopdu.
He was mentioned in the Pyramid Text in the Old Kingdom to have something to do with the teeth(!) of the deceased. His main duty was guarding the frontier against intruders and his personal "logo" by hieroglyphs was "foreign countries" or "enemies" as a stylised silhouette of mountains (see picture left).
In the Middle Kingdom he was linked to Horus under the combined name: Har-Sopdu and shown as a crouching falcon (like in the nome standard right). As a human he had two fal- con's feathers upon his head and wore the so called shemset-girdle. In addition to the usual regalia he had a long axe (left). His female counterpart and wife was his local collegue Sopdet, like him patron of the nome capital.
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