Unknown god
A small yellow limestone statuette of an old god which has only been attested for once. The style points to the beginning of history and a short inscription gives the word "niwti", meaning "of the city", a title know from the Early Dynastic Period.
Its provenance is unknown and thus we do not know the name of the region or town of his cult where he once was ven- erated.
He is wearing a ram's head and horns (just like Khnum in later times) and is standing on a flat stone or low platform.
His clothing is a poncho-like garment with stripes (colors i picture not genuine).
The lacking of sleeves (for a god) makes it outstanding in Egyptian art. In 1999 in was in the Kofler-Truniger Collection in Luzern Switzerland.
(After Schlögl 1978).         Main text.