Urthekau (sometimes also Werethekau was the lion headed goddess who seldom was written about or depicted in reliefs or on papyrus etc. though she belonged to the "inner circle" of the gods. She had a lot of competition on the feline side from first of all the trio Bastet, Tefnut and Sekhmet but also others.
Urthekau was considered to be another form of the goddess Isis and as such sometimes called "She Who is Rich in Magic Spells" where her name was personifying the ability of mastering supernatural powers.
The vast popularity of her husband Re-Horakhte during the New Kingdom (especially during the dynasties 18 through 20) seems to have some- what overshadowed the presence of his feline wife Urthekau whose ability was said (possibly in later tales) to manage wichcraft of various kinds. Her husband's insignia (the sun disc) was on her head too, together with an erected cobra.
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