Weret also spelt
Weret was a god of the sky. In some records, he was referred to (like many others) as "The Great One". His origin probably goes back to prehistoric times where he likely had been a local deity somewhere along the Nile.
From the Middle Kingdom his cult was com- bined with those of Thoth and Horus, and thus his small congregation of fans got a temple for his veneration. His eyes were symbolically the sun and the moon and during nights without any moonshine he was thought to be blinded. He was the protector of the priest physicians in the temples who treated people who were suffering from the horrible eye sickness today known as "Trakom egyptiensis" which made them lose their vision permanently.
Consequently he was also the patron of all blind musicians and was sometimes depicted playing the harp (picture left). The headgear of horns, the moon and the sun is made fictive.
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