Wasret also

King Senwosret III
the son of Wasret
Wasret ("The Powerful"), was a very seldom depicted local guardian goddess in Thebes (in Egyptian called: Waset).
She became popular nation- wide during dynasty 12 when three pharaohs were called Senwosret, (Greek: Sesostris) with the meaning - "The man (i.e. son) of Wasret".
She had no temples of her own and can be seen as another form of Hathor and thus praised in her temples. She could wear a tall crown (looks unknown to the author) or carry weapons and have the Was-sceptre upon her head standing for "power" and relating to her name.
She was thought to once have been the precursor of Mut as the consort of Amon in Thebes. Some tales (age and origin not known) say that she also could watch over precious metals, wealth, mines, and treasures in general.     Main text.