Meni in Egyptian also
Mena, Meni
Menes in Greek
Menes was the king from Upper Egypt who was the traditional founder of the united Egypt.
He overthrew the government of the northern delta in about 3.200 BC and started the first dynasty.
He came from Thinis (Egyptian: This) just north of Abydos. This story was told by the Egyptian histori- an Manetho living in 200 BC. The true name of Menes is still concealed because written remains give the names Mena,d Meni and Manetho used a Greek form.
The illustration left (colours not genuine) gives his name from the Abydos king list made in dynasty 19, some 1800 years after this supposed event.
Some scholars consider him the same ruler as Narmer Narmer and others promote Aha who has a single "Men" written beside his name on one occa- sion, and was the first king with substantial monu- ments from all over Egypt. Other theories are tht he is a pure fiction or an amalgam from deeds made by many early kings, leading to the unification.
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