Scorpion II Also: Sekhen?
~ 3150 BC
The first knowledge about Pharaoh Scorpion (II?) came to light in 1894 when his two big mace heads of stone were found in a cache later called the "Main Deposit" in an old temple yard on an island (during the flooding season) at Hierakonpolis in Upper Egypt.
A scorpion is depicted by the king's face and this sug- gests his personal name (picture left). He wears the white crown of Upper Egypt and is working with a wooden hoe, obviously making a ceremonial digging (opening) of a canal for irrigation. A man with a bas- ket is ready to transport the mud away while three others are working below beside a planted palm.
In top right position is his standard bearer and behind king is a man protecting him from the sunshine.
Scorpion ruled prior to the foundation of the United Egypt and probably prior to king Ka. His tomb has not yet been found and still awaits detection.
He might be the same person as his namesake # 1.
At Abydos a tomb registered as B 50 lacks remnants to identify the owner, and might possibly be his.

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