Films on TV about ancient Egypt are steadily increasing in numbers. Some are very well made and quite educational, but not always scientifically correct. They are produced to make a profit, and spiced with "mysteries" and speculations.

To make it tasteful for many spectators the message often is that the Egyptians were “African” (Negroes), and actors in the films are mosty American Mulattos.

Hollywood celebrities are seen talking about ridiculous theories like "aliens" founding the Egyptian culture etc. addressing the less educated TV audience.

Some films are produced by organizations which are otherwise known for good quality, like the National Geographic Society. Thru TV on the other hand their non-profit rule has vanished and their partner is the commercial Fox News Co.

All visitors to this site (“Absolute Egyptology”) should know that facts and theories are clearly separated in the text.    Ottar Vendel,  webmaster.